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Come one, come all to the kick-off weekend of what is to be a month-long celebration of the 50th anniversary of the London Bridge in our beautiful town of Lake Havasu! For the first time in the Bridge's history of Lake Havasu, a dinner feast will take place directly under the bridge archway in a formal setting.

Start the weekend off with an extravagant evening celebration of regal stature to honor the timelessness of the London Bridge. The event will be hosted with opulence under the London Bridge itself, guests will be served a finely catered four-course meal among a floral, candlelit table arrangement. As the guests dine in 16th-century royal fashion, they will be immersed in a living exhibition of costumed individuals who will share the knowledge of their outfittings and period-related information. Likewise, there will be a London Bridge Art silent auction to let guests have the opportunity to take a piece of history home. A multitude of engaging performing acts will entertain guests throughout the evening including jesters, dancers, actors, and fire performers. After the evening feast, the celebrations will open to the public with an afterparty DJ and activities.
The Queen's Ball and Feast will take place on October 2nd at 7pm.


Dust off those sewing boxes and break out the pin cushions for the Elrose Dussault Costume Contest presented by The Lake Havasu City Historical Society & Museum, Havashire Festivals Inc., Havasu Area Chamber of Commerce, and Today's News Herald.

This contest is in conjunction with the Royal Garden Party Brunch happening in October. 
In 1971, the residents of Lake Havasu City joined in a community wide costume contest to celebrate the English origins of the beloved London Bridge. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the dedication of the bridge, the costume contest is back!  All costumes must be handcrafted* and accurately represent outfits donned by royalty, peasants, and jesters alike in England from 1000-1899 CE. Don’t know where to begin on a costume? The Lake Havasu Museum of History has patterns for loan. Patterns will be loaned out through a first-come, first serve reservation process with a deposit. 

Participants must present their costumes in the Royal Costume Pageant at the Royal Garden Party under the London Bridge on October 3, 2021. If costume creators are unable to attend the pageant, they may provide or request a stand-in.  Registration forms can be found at havasumuseum.com or be picked up at any sponsor location. All printed applications must be delivered to Lake Havasu Museum of History. Registration forms with participant information and photo of the costume or outline of proposed design are due no later than September 3rd.

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*Outfits must be made by hand or with sewing machine. Parts of the outfit can be purchased but the majority of the outfit must be  made by the contestant. 

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